What Are The Advantages Of RGB led neon lights?

Neon lighting is a type of lighting that features brightly glowing tubes or bulbs. The lights usually contain rarefied neon, which is responsible for the glow. The lights are also available in the market in the form of rope lights like LED RGB Neon Rope Light. These RGB led neon lights offer numerous benefits, which will be discussed below;

1. Lighting quality

Unlike traditional rope lights, LED lights feature better brightness. The lights feature more lumens for each foot. This is almost twice the number of lumens provided by conventional lights. Note, this is especially important in neon lights because it allows for constant brightness that applies significantly to dark sports. For instance, with glass neon, the light tends to be uneven. The uneven nature is because of the inequality in the distribution of light within the tube. The irregular glass is because of the changes in the temperature and the curves within the glass chambers.

2. Durability

One of the main advantages of LED lighting is that it is highly durable regardless of the application. Unlike most conventional types of lighting, LED technology uses a solid-state semiconductor. This technology does not require a lot of power to create light lumens. By doing so, it helps to increase the life span of the lights by preventing wear and tear caused by the lights. RGB neon light are especially highly durable because they feature a large surface area. This means that the workload is distributed over a large surface. This allows the lights to burn brightly without negatively impacting its life span. The same cannot be said about conventional lighting technology.

3. Cost efficiency

Another advantage of neon rope-like lights is that they do not use up a lot of energy compared to other types of lights. As mentioned earlier, these lights do not require a lot of energy to produce many lumens. This means that they are more energy-efficient than conventional types of lights. For this reason, the lights help to save money. It also helps prevent the need to keep replacing the lights, which helps make the lights cost-efficient.

4. Ease of Fitting

The neon strips lights are also straightforward to install. This means that you do not need to hire professional assistance or require any form of technical know-how during installation. You also do not need to create wall space or hire a team to prepare the installation area. The lights are lightweight, and they are not as fragile as other types on the market. This makes installation quite effortless. All you need is a form of adhesive to hold the ropes in place. Like with installation, the lights are also effortless to remove. This means that you can reuse the lights in case you relocate or have to transfer them to another room or place.


The market is packed with a wide array of rope lights. When choosing the best one, consider factors like the price. Also, consider the type of lighting technology. For instance, LED lighting is always an ideal option.