What Is The American Press Brake Tooling System?

Somewhere on a point, you might have thought about the precision, accuracy, and fineness of molded material, some sheets or some metals hard pressed to acquire a particular shape. Well! No doubt humans are par excellence, but even a human hand cannot mold something so perfectly. The human brain, however, is capable of designing such systems and equipment which can turn cumbersome tasks into something swift and flawless.

The amada press brake tooling is an example of one out-of-ordinary tooling system turning hefty tasks into something as light as a feather. Because of its extreme precision, the uses of this tooling system are numerous.

This blog post is the ultimate guide to help you understand the American press brake tooling system concept.

American Press Brake Tooling System

The American press brake tooling is a precise tooling technology using a bending machine or tool to process and form sheets. The whole system comprises different parts and molds. The pressure of the bending machine is the driving force behind the major change in the material’s physical state.

Applications of American Brake Press Tool System

The applications of this tooling system are numerous. They work in mold, wood, automobiles, aerospace, and equipment manufacturing industries.

The power-generating equipment manufacturing industry uses this tooling system on a large scale.

The molding industry further categorizes hold molding, cold molding, and various others, covering a vast industry.

Tools Used By The Tooling System

The whole precision line is a combination of various ground punches and dies. Punches and dies serve the function efficiently if you aim to stamp sheets or separate molds. The molds are diverse and further categorized for separation and forming.

  • The mold used for separation will have a cutting edge.
  • The mold used for forming will have a cavity.

Basic Working Principle  

The working principle of the American press brake tooling system is almost self-explanatory. The bending machine exerts massive pressure on the material. The mighty force exerted by the bending machine causes a physical change in the matter. To achieve the desired shape, the concerned molds are used.

Working on American Press Brake Tooling System

  1. Turn the power on for the bending machine. Next, turn the key switch and press the oil pump. The machine’s oil pump starts rotating. At this point, the machine is not fully functional.
  2. Before officially starting the work, it’s better to counter-check the stroke adjustment for trial. With the upper die approaching the machine bottom, a gap in plate thickness must be left.
  3. A selection of notch for the machine die is required. Generally, a notch of 8 times the width of the machine’s thickness is selected.
  4. Operate the machine. For instance, pressing a sheet must be compactly done to avoid its sudden raising and accidents.


The American press brake tooling system is one of the precise systems. Consisting of molds dies, and presses, it is the best at what it does. With the help of a bending tool transforms, metals into sheets or desired shapes. The applications are numerous because of their eligibility for forming high-end cavities, formations, cutting, and pressing.